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Which are the various programs of remuneration ?

Revenue-Share Program pays you a percentage of the Casino Revenue generated by your referred players for their entire player lifetime. CPA Program earns you a fixed amount for every new unique player you send.

What means "CPA"?

It is the "Cost Per Acquisition" of a player. I.e. that you touch a remuneration fixes at the inscription of a new player, whether it gains or that it loses thereafter.

What the carryforward of the monthly losses?

Most affiliate programs do carry forward a negative balance to the next month. However, certain affiliate programs do not make the carryforward of the negative balances and, in this case, begin the statistics of the month following to zero.

Which is the frequency and the various means of payment?

Affiliate programs generally pay each month and when your account exceeded a minimum amount (between 30 and 250 euros). Generally, the profits are sent by check, wire transfert or NETELLER.

What occurs if the minimum amount of payment is not reached at the end of a month?

Your profits are deferred over the next month.

Is it possible for you to lose money in the Casinos?

If the players you referred win, you will not be asked to reimburse. Those winning amounts will be deduct from your balance, but affiliate programs will not ask you to pay them back. You can be sure that the commission program is much more profitable than any other advertising programs in the long run.

What is the Multi-tier Affiliate Program ?

By referring other affiliates to Casino Partners affiliate program, you are entitled to a commission of the net gaming generated by your sub-affiliates.

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