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Loss carry-forwards
CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) : Yes

CPA minimum : 75$

CPA maximum : 200$

Commission : Yes

Commission minimum : 35%

Commission maximum : 50%

Earning programs : You will earn from 35%-50% of the Casino's earnings generated from players you refer and for their entire lifetime.

If you are looking for a custom affiliate deal and in return can offer maximum exposure on your websites then 777Affiliates can offer you a 40%-50% revenue share deal for life.

Loss carry-forwards : No
Negative balances are zeroed out each month

Languages of the site : En

Currencies of the site : $, €

Minimum amount to receive commission : pas de mini

Payment options : WIRE, neteller

Number of casinos which you can promote : 3

List casinos : 7Red Casino, Norgesspill Casino, Royaal Casino,

Currencies casinos : €,$

Multi-tier Affiliate Program : Yes

Tiers (Multi-tier Affiliate Program) : 1

Total commission (Multi-tier Affiliate Program) : 3%

Description (Multi-tier Affiliate Program) : First Tier Direct Referrals: 7% Commission
Earn 7% override on the Revenue payment made to the referred Affiliate for all players referred by your directly referred Affiliates (min 3% commission on the profits generated by these players)

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